Michael Cannizzo
IT Specialist & Trainer

Michael Cannizzo has over 10 years of experience as a proven IT manager, trainer and consultant. As a manager, he was responsible for operating and maintaining over 1,600 desktop, laptop and netbook computers in an educational environment that included over 200 staff members and approximately 2,000 students. Michael has a solid knowledge of Windows, networking, Microsoft Office, Google Apps and numerous customized software applications. He has overseen several large hardware and software migrations such as replacing over 100 computers as planned system upgrade, migration of over 1,000 computers to Windows 7/Active Directory from Windows XP/Novell and the roll-out of Google Apps to several hundred users.

In addition to larger system upgrades, Michael is comfortable with and enjoys helping clients on an individual level. He has provided countless training sessions to various sized group. Training topics ranged from basic desktop operation to MS Office and Google Apps training to more complicated customized application training. Michael is also a keen problem solver with well honed skills to fix or upgrade hardware, remove viruses and malware, software installations, and operating system installations and upgrades.

Michael’s knowledge and experience goes beyond standard computer hardware and software. He is knowledgeable of point of sale systems, mobile technologies, and audio-visual equipment. As a consultant, Michael understands that in order to provide the highest level of service that its his job to understand his client’s business. So whether its training users on the latest software/hardware, maintaining a small computer lab for the residents of a retirement community, migrating a retail shop from a legacy system to Quickbooks, or helping a sole-proprietor upgrade their computer and email system, Michael will take the time to get to know his clients and their specific business.
Google Apps Certified Trainer