FireLogic trainers Derrick Wlodarz and Wesley Howard spent the better part of Saturday morning this past weekend training a very willing crowd on Google Sites at the Niles Library. Topics covered included Sites basics, how to create a Site, how to edit your Site with different page styles, and how to even connect your own web address to a Google Site for public consumption. An excellent Q&A session was hosted afterwards answering questions on sharing settings and other important topics.

FireLogic hosts Google Apps classes on a monthly basis between the Niles Library and the Park Ridge Library. You can find a full class schedule on each library’s respective calendar site, or just give the library a call and ask about their upcoming FireLogic hosted Google Apps classes. We are starting a brand new series of classes at the Niles Library surrounding Internet Safety & Security which will help foster the basics on staying safe while using the likes of Facebook, online banking, email, and other common tasks we all take for granted. There will be a class catering to beginning computer users, and a second class will be geared towards intermediate users. Call the Niles Library or visit their website for more information.

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