Another great night at the Park Ridge Library when it comes to sharing excellent information. Wesley Howard and Derrick Wlodarz presented on the topic of computer & internet safety for a group of just about 10 people. All kinds of great tips and things to watch out for were provided. The class took place on Thursday night September 27, 2012 at the Park Ridge Library.

All of the following topics were covered plus more:

  • How to stay safe on public wifi
  • How to use Facebook and social networks safely
  • How to identify viruses and malware when they hit
  • How to prevent virus infection in the first place
  • What is a weak password & how can you check your own password strength
  • Why NOD32 is our recommended antivirus solution for Windows and MAC systems
  • How a phishing attack looks like from top to bottom
  • What does a packet injection entail, and why is it important to use HTTPS on public wifi

A few patrons had asked us for how they can check their own password strength, and you can do so on your own by visiting GRC’s Free Haystack Calculator which will check your password strength and let you know how likely it is to be cracked.

The entire class recording can be viewed on YouTube, or you can just watch on our website below:

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