The statistics behind internet security threats these days are mind boggling. For example, a new report from Sophos claims that as many as 1 in 5 MAC machines are infected with some form of malware. Only a few years ago such a thing was unheard of. PCs have their own fair share of malware and virus issues to deal with as well. We assist customers on a weekly basis with their computer security needs, but the growing list of threats and widespread nature of these attacks is becoming so common that we need to take it one step further.

FireLogic is proud to announce that we are taking even further proactive steps come this summer for the benefit of the Park Ridge and Niles community at large. In partnership with the library, we will be offering free computer & internet security classes at the Niles Library this summer. The classes are completely free of charge and open to residents of any suburb as long as they pre-register for the class beforehand. There will be two class levels offered – one for beginning computer users and another for intermediate or established computer uses.

Both classes will be aimed at debunking common security and computer usage myths, establishing common sense knowledge about proper computer usage with a security focus in mind, and related aspects to internet safety these days. We will be going over what kind of software everyone should have installed on their PC or MAC computers and even teaching about the latest and greatest in “social engineering” scams being employed by the bad guys.

The first class being offered is the Computer & Internet Safety for Beginners on June 30, 2012. The more advanced class for established users, Computer & Internet Safety for Intermediate Users, will be held on August 4, 2012. Both classes require pre-registration with the Niles Library ahead of time. Be aware that registration for the events does not open until a certain time before each class, so it’s best to check each link above to the respective class first. Both classes are being held at the Niles Library.

We hope to re-offer both classes if demand is sufficient, and will be posting the recordings of each class on our FireLogic YouTube Channel after the classes as well. See you there!

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