FireLogic and the Park Ridge Presbyterian Church are proud to announce that we are teaming up for a special fall time Free Computer Recycling Event. The drive will offer a way for local area residents to properly get rid of old computer equipment at no cost. We are providing complimentary data destruction on any recycled equipment as part of the event, which means your old hard drive data will be safely scrubbed to government grade destruction standards before being submitted to the recycling outfit we are working with.

The event’s date and time information is as follows:
The Park Ridge Community Church Logo

Park Ridge Presbyterian Church (East parking lot)
Saturday November 3
9am to 3pm
Onsite help will be present to unload your car!
Official Event Flyer (Please Click)

This drive is completely free to local area residents, and we are accepting a wide range of items including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Old computers
  • Old monitors
  • Computer peripherals & accessories
  • Old phones/smartphones
  • Broken computers
  • Printers (ink, laser, or thermal)
  • Anything else computer related that needs to be tossed!

We are ONLY accepting items that are directly computer related per the above list. We will NOT be taking any kind of home appliances, home electronics (non computer related), tube style TV screens, light bulbs, misc batteries, and other non-computer items. Please contact us before bringing something large that may not be accepted as our staff will have direct instructions on what to reject on sight.

A short FAQ for the most common inquiries we receive is below.

Q: Are office or corporate loads being accepted at the event?
A: No. If your local office has computer equipment you would like to recycle, please contact us via phone (312-445-0702) or email ([email protected]) to make a special request for pickup. We will NOT be accepting large office loads on the day of the recycling drive due to limited space and staff available.

Q: Why should I recycle my old equipment instead of tossing it out?
A: In Illinois, it is now illegal to toss our computer waste and related trash into the normal garbage collection. Our company will ensure that all items accepted at the event are properly recycled with a certified local recycling company that handles this type of equipment full time.

Q: Will my old data on a recycled computer be safe from prying eyes?
A: Yes. Any items that we collect at this event will have complimentary data destruction using the strictest standards approved by the US Government. When you toss your computers in the trash (which is illegal now) or hand it to another third party for recycling, most of the time it is NOT properly wiped (or scrubbed, as some call it.)

Q: Is there a limit to how much I can bring?
A: We are telling everyone to bring in items “within reason.” If you are bringing your family’s collection of old systems, this is definitely OK; but please do not bring your entire load of old office equipment as it will be apparent. Please be mindful that we will have limited staff onsite and space will also be limited. Be considerate. If you have an office load for us to recycle, please contact us separately for a special pickup.

If you have any particular questions as to what will be accepted or prohibited, please feel free to reach out to us at our general email of [email protected] or call us directly at 312-445-0702.

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