High school students are always curious about what direction to take in their professional lives. We may be biased, but we’d love to see them go into the technology field if at all possible! For this very reason, FireLogic team members Derrick Wlodarz and Wesley Howard will be presenting on behalf of the IT industry on the night of Tuesday March 20th, 2012. Derrick is going to be speaking about careers in computer hardware/software & consulting, and Wesley will be discussing his experiences in the field of web design.

If you are going to be present at the event, we will see you there. Feel free to stop by our table after the formal presentation so we can answer any questions about your interest in the IT field. Our industry is growing at a rapid pace, but we are always in need of fresh blood! The event starts at 7pm and will end at 9pm. Exact location to be announced at the high school on the day of the event. The full poster for the event is located below (click to enlarge). If you want to see the official announcement, please reference the Maine South CRC website.

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