As demand for Google Apps continues to pick up in the business and education sectors, quality training outlets have been far and few in between on the product. This is why FireLogic is proud to announce that we will be offering full blown training boot camps on Google Apps this summer. The target dates have not been set yet, but the two camps are going to likely land somewhere in late July or early August. We are currently scoping out locations in the O’Hare area just outside of Chicago, Illinois which is conveniently located a mere 20 minutes from the scenic downtown area and a stone’s throw from the O’Hare International Airport.
Google Apps Certified Deployment SpecialistGoogle Apps Certified Trainer
Both training camps will be scheduled side-by-side so you will not be able to attend both classes. We are targeting two crowds with these sessions, each offering a unique experience for someone who is looking to work with Google Apps on a user or technical level. Below is an overview of what each camp is going to offer:

Google Apps Power User Boot Camp: This training is targeted towards end-users who utilize Google Apps in a business or educational setting that want to master all of the skills that go into the product across all product levels. The training itself will be structured around the content that makes up the actual Google Apps Qualified Individual exams, doubly preparing all attendees to take and pass all 6 exams that make up the certification process. Qualified Individual status is necessary before you can choose to go on and become a full blown Google Apps Certified Trainer. We welcome all educators, business professionals, and other generally interested users of the product to attend this training camp. Cost has not been finalized for this 3 day camp yet. The training will be led by FireLogic’s own Google Apps Certified Trainers Adad Ocampo and Michael Cannizzo.

Google Apps Deployment Specialist Boot Camp: This track is intended for IT professionals who will either be managing an enterprise deployment of Google Apps or are already involved in handling Google Apps administration. IT specialists from the small business sector looking to learn how to roll out Google Apps are also invited out to this camp. The content for the course will be directly following content from Google’s own Certified Deployment Specialist exam, meaning that attendees will have the skills and knowledge to take the full test upon leaving the camp. Training will be a mixture of lectures and hands-on time with the Google Apps Control Panel so that you will gain a full understanding of the how and why of what Google Apps has to offer on the backend. Cost has not yet been finalized for this 3 day camp yet. The class will be led by FireLogic team members & Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialists Derrick Wlodarz and Wesley Howard.

If you want to learn more about the two boot camps, feel free to pop us an email at [email protected] or simply visit the Contact page. Final details on cost, dates, times, and location will be revealed in the coming weeks. We hope to see you out in Chicago this summer!

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