Security is something that touches all of us, no matter what devices we are using. We recently hosted an updated class that deals with everything security-centric related to the computer, mobile phone, or even tablet. The class was held live at Niles Library on Saturday February 15, 2014 and was hosted by FireLogic President Derrick Wlodarz and security specialist Wesley Howard.

The class lasted about two hours, and covered everything from malware, viruses on MACs, rogue Wi-Fi, passwords, and much more.

You may watch the class in full below, or watch it on our YouTube Channel for more viewing options.

Please be sure to keep a tab on the Niles and Park Ridge Library calendars as we are hosting numerous classes at each location over the next few months, including a Windows 8.1 for Beginners course at Lincolnwood Library!

Also, we are hoping to start offering our Niles Library classes over Lync web conferencing in the near future. This will hopefully enable us to have class attendees who cannot make it to live classes either due to mobility problems or due to classes being full. Stay tuned for more info!

Looking for security assistance with your home or business computers? Need to get a second opinion on how to get moved off Windows XP? Reach out to us at 312-445-0702 as we can lend a hand!

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