This was the first time we have ever hosted a class on Android Tablets, and it was a blast indeed! We hosted a crowd of roughly 10 people in the third floor computer lab at the Park Ridge Library on June 18, 2013 and the class was aptly titled “Android Tablets for Beginners.” We gave a full demonstration on how to utilize an Android tablet, and the demo unit we used for the class was a Google Nexus 10.

Some of the topics we covered during this presentation included:

  • Should I get a tablet?
  • What tablet features should I look for?
  • Why we recommend the Nexus 10
  • Nexus 10 tablet hardware and usage basics
  • Our favorite apps from Google Play
  • Q&A session

The class session ran for about 1.5 hrs and we are fully hoping to be able to run the class again later this year at either Park Ridge or the Niles Libraries.

Download a copy of our printed agenda from the class here. The agenda is a view-only Google Doc which you can email to others, print out, or just view during your watching of the class recording.

You may watch the entire class recording below, or click here to watch the entire video on YouTube instead.

Interested in purchasing a Google Nexus 10 tablet for yourself? Like the things you saw in our class? We think the Google Nexus 10 is the best Android experience you can get, bar none. You can read up on the tablet, and purchase one as well, from Google’s official website for the device online.

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