Another near full house at the Park Ridge Library! Last Thursday night we hosted a brand new class under the guise of “Google Apps for your Personal Life” which didn’t just answer the how of using Google’s excellent tools, but the why and for what as well. We’ve spent the better part of the last two years preaching about the innards of getting started with apps like Google Docs and Google Calendar but everyone was always asking: so what can I do with these neat tools?

For a crowd of about 35-40 people, we provided a live demo of some of the ways Wesley and I leverage Google Apps in our own lives. No, not work related purposes – but for personal needs. From creating an interactive online recipe collection using Google Docs to using Google Music to take our music collection up to the cloud and off iTunes. Our own class Q&A session was hosted by none other than Google Moderator, and we showed off how this could be a handy way to get consensus among many parties without lifting little more than a finger! Very neat stuff and everyone enjoyed it.

We also delved into why cloud security is misunderstood, and I referenced results from a small business survey which I covered in an article for technology news website BetaNews. It’s definitely a leap of faith to ask people to switch from the way they are “used” to doing things, into a brand new, sometimes confusing, world of cloud software. A full range of questions were answered from the crowd, including ones about the recent NSA scare which has been all over the news.

The class itself ran a little long at about 1.75 hours, and you can rewatch the entire recording from start to finish (in Hi Def if you wish) on our YouTube Channel or below right on this page:

We are hosting a similar class at the Niles Library on Sat Aug 24 from 10am-12pm titled “Google Apps for Working Professionals” and we will aim to show how Google Apps can be used specifically in running your business or supporting the needs of a larger organization. Many of the use cases come straight from that of how FireLogic uses Google or that of our customers. It’s a class you cannot miss if you are thinking of using Google Apps at the workplace! Pre-registration is required as usual, and you can call the Niles Library directly at 847-663-1234 to sign yourself up. See you there!

If you are looking for customized training of your own, either for a 1-on-1 session or for a larger group, feel free to contact us at 312-445-0702 or shoot us an email to [email protected]. We can create a training plan just right for your needs and comfort level. Google Apps, Office 365, Windows, Mac – we can cover it all.

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