What better way to spend a Saturday morning than training others on a Google Apps product? This weekend, we showed a class of about 10 people how to get started with Google Sites and specifically how to get their own personal or work-related website going! Up until now, creating a website has been a daunting affair. It either took knowledge of a product like Adobe GoLive or Adobe Dreamweaver to get the job done, which were too steep for beginners. On the other hand, the easy services like GoDaddy’s Website Builder do not conform to proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standards and will rank you down in Google results. Google Sites lands right in the middle ground of good SEO and a comfortable design platform.

The class was held on October 20, 2012 live at the Niles Public Library in the first floor computer lab. The trainers present included FireLogic team members Derrick Wlodarz (Google Apps Certified Trainer) and Wesley Howard (Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist.)

Topics that were covered include:

You may view the entire training video below, or visit the FireLogic YouTube Channel to view the session:

Here are some of the best resources for Google Sites help if you are in need of assistance:

If you are in need of Google Apps training services for your organization, give us a call at 312-445-0702 or email us at [email protected]. We have multiple Google Apps Certified Professionals on staff who are capable of determining your training needs effectively and quickly.

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