Many people may not be aware of this, but FireLogic is a very strong supporter of CompTIA, or more formally, the Computing Technology Industry Association. CompTIA is publicly known as the company behind the industry-standard A+ and Network+ exams, but the organization does a lot more than just create certification exams. You can read up on their drive to advance the technology industry as a whole, but they are also actively involved in lobbying Congress as well as providing worldwide philanthropy for IT professionals abroad.
The CompTIA head quarters
I just spent the last week at CompTIA’s Downer’s Grove, IL campus providing direct assistance in helping revise one of their upcoming Network+ exams. It’s always a refreshing experience to network with common-minded professionals to get insight on current trends, see what is happening in the sector at large, and gain excellent knowledge on topics at the core of the services we provide at FireLogic. The workshops that CompTIA hosts for chosen industry professionals is just one of the ways that they continue to advance the certifications which they offer to up and coming technology workers globally.

Why should any of this matter? Unlike other companies, I place a very strong emphasis on formal education for the people that work at FireLogic. The competition adores hiring the unskilled with no clear vision of giving them the training needed to operate as true technology workers. In order to serve clients properly, I feel directly compelled to offer my workers the best training that they can receive. Part of this process is proving the skills they have learned by certifying themselves in exams such as the A+ or Network+ tests offered by CompTIA.

If you are a customer of ours, rest assured that we are always striving to stay on top of the best training that can keep our techs skilled and abreast on the technologies you will be presenting them. I’m personally proud of my multiple certifications from CompTIA including competency in the A+, Network+, Server+, and Security+ tests. You can check on my formal participation with CompTIA on their Subject Matter Expert appreciation page.

If you’re considering doing business with one of my competitors, feel free to press them on whether they staff CompTIA certified professionals. I doubt they will be able to give you a straight answer.

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