Our company is always committed to finding new ways to help out the local community. We thought, what better way to do so than host a free computer recycling event? The wonderful folks from the Park Ridge Presbyterian Church were kind enough to team up with us on this effort, and provided us not only with free advertising for the event, but also complimentary space to accept and sort items. In the end, we had a great time accepting e-waste from local Park Ridge and surrounding suburban residents.

November 3 has come and gone, and many people are wondering: just how much did we collect on that cold Saturday? The final numbers from Great Lakes Electronics (our trusted electronics recycling partner) are in and here are the final tallies for what we collected:

  • Over 45 desktop/tower computer systems
  • Over 22 laptops
  • More than 40 printers, scanners, and related imaging devices
  • Over 12 CRT and LCD screens
  • 2 VCR units
  • And more than 500+ pounds of misc ewaste such as cords, accessories, and bulk waste

It’s great to see that local residents are willing to handle their old electronics and computers in an eco-friendly way. While Illinois has banned the disposal of computer waste in normal trash collection since Jan 1, 2012, many residents of the area still continue to toss items into the garbage from what we have seen. We hope to continue offering such free computer recycling events for the community in 2013 and beyond to help reduce the burden on average citizens when it comes to recycling old equipment properly.

One of the benefits of recycling old computers through FireLogic at this event was the fact that we were offering completely free hard drive wiping to government grade security standards. Local brick & mortar establishments routinely charge upwards of $20-$30 per item to handle the same service.

Again, we thank the residents of Park Ridge and the surrounding suburbs for making this event so successful, and be on the lookout in mid-2013 for a similar repeat event in town. Check out some pictures from the event below!
A bunch of recycled computers and moniters
Miscellaneous Recycled Electronics
People recycling their computers and printers
12 recycled dell computer towers
Recycled Electronics being Loaded onto a Truck

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