We had a capacity crowd on Saturday April 19 at the Niles Library, and want to thank everyone who took the time to join us. The live class went over our usual 2 hour allotment but this was for good measure as we had a boatload of questions come in at the end.

This class was also the first time we tested live recording the in-person movement and actions at the front of the room, to prepare for our July webcasting of the Outlook.com class we will be teaching. It worked well to say the least! You can see the results in the video recording for this class, as there is a small picture in picture of what was going on in-person in the lower right hand corner. We hope this provides some more personality to the recordings above and beyond just seeing a computer screen.

The following topics are just a scattering of what was covered this past Saturday:

* How to shop for a new PC without getting ripped off
* How to follow 3-2-1 rule for backups
* How to dust our your computer properly with a DataVac
* Why free antivirus just doesn’t work anymore
* Why business class computers last longer and have better warranties
* How to properly dispose of your old computer
* How to use CCLEANER to clean off your own temp files
* Why MACs are not inherently safer than PCs when it comes to malware
* and many more!

Our next formal class will be on July 19 at Niles Library from 10am-12pm titled Outlook.com for Beginners. We will be webcasting this class live over Lync for those who cannot make it in-person. More details will be shared soon!

You can watch the entire recording from this class session on our YouTube Channel, or just watch it below!

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