What a great turnout we had last night at our first ever Maintaining your Home PC for Beginners class! The session was held live at Park Ridge Library from 7pm-9pm and I would have to guess that we filled every seat in the meeting room. The course was co-hosted by Derrick Wlodarz and special guest Ted Tabaka, IT Support Specialist from the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art.

The 2 hour class was a “smorgasbord” of topics related to home computer upkeep and best practices. Topics of discussion included:

* How to purchase a new PC without getting ripped off
* How to dust out your own computer
* How to follow the 3-2-1 rule when it comes to backups
* What cloud backup is and what providers we recommend
* Why business class computers are great new PC options
* Why you should switch off Windows XP NOW
* And much more!

You can freely view the entire recording from the night below, or catch it on our YouTube Channel! See you at our OneDrive Deep Dive class this Saturday at Niles Library!

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