We proudly hosted our first successful Podio for Beginners class this past weekend at the Niles Library. The class went very well for the small crowd we had, it has already been nearly confirmed that we will be allowed to re-run this class this upcoming September at the same location. Resident Podio Expert on our staff, Lindsay Jablanovec, was the lead presenter for the 1.5 hour hands on demo lecture.

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties we ran into during the recording, we were only able to capture the first 13 mins of the class which covers the entire introductory lesson on Podio including core concepts and interface basics. We hope to provide a clean recording of the class on our retake later this summer.

For those who missed the class, you can freely re-watch the beginning portion on our YouTube Channel or just start the embedded video below. Just a reminder that we are hosting our next class at the Niles Library on July 27 at 10am, covering the topic of What’s New in Office 2013. The class will focus on time-saving features and neat additions to the new iteration of the Office suite, and we will be covering Word, Excel, and PowerPoint primarily. However, questions about any of the applications from the suite will be taken during Q&A. Please pre-register for the course through the Niles Library website or call directly at 847-663-1234.

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