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Tired of managing your own on-premise server any longer? Or just looking for some assistance to some nagging issues? Let the server experts at FireLogic know so we can respond to your SOS call.

Servers are complex systems. You may be leveraging Active Directory, Exchange, file sharing, SQL Server, or a combination of these services plus others. Keeping a server properly maintained is no easy task. Even the newest servers need quarterly maintenance to keep them running in tip top shape, something which most business owners don’t have the expertise, time, or energy to handle.

Luckily, our team of experts has the necessary background in Windows Server to handle even the nastiest problems. Exchange Store corruption… file sharing permission issues… missing backup files – whatever it may be, we’ve likely seen it and fixed it.

Why go FireLogic for your server needs?

  • Broad experience with all versions of Windows Server from 2000 onward. Some companies only provide support on specific versions of Windows Server. FireLogic can provide assistance on any version, large or small, old or new.
  • Well versed with Exchange and email systems. If your company is using Exchange, or looking to migrate to a new solution, give us a call. We have been helping organizations with their on-premise or cloud email needs for years now, and can provide you with the professional opinion you’ve been looking for.
  • Need help with getting a proper backup routine in place? Most small businesses don’t have any reliable backup plan to prepare for disaster. It’s not a question of IF, but WHEN, a hard drive will fail, taking any unprotected business data with it.
  • Looking to upgrade to a new server? Contact us for a free consultation on what to look for, how we can help make the process easier, and whether having FireLogic manage your server upgrade is a smart scenario for your important business data.

Don’t let your server issues sit by the wayside and grow larger. Contact us today to talk with a server expert that can help your business avoid disaster.