home-security-camraAre you looking to get your home or business protected by modern CCTV or network IP camera surveillance? Let FireLogic provide you with a complimentary consultation on what kind of hardware will fit your price range.

A lot of planning goes into implementing quality CCTV systems that are built to last. While you can go with an off-the-shelf system for the short term, bringing in a professional to design a blueprint to cover your property with the right equipment and software.

Our team of experts have been installing residential and commercial CCTV and IP camera systems for years.

Why go with FireLogic for your next CCTV surveillance system?

  • Experience with the latest camera technologies. Our company has been installing and supporting some of the cutting edge CCTV systems on the market.
  • Our goal is always to provide the best quality for the dollar. Unlike our competitors, we never aim to oversell you on technology you don’t need.
  • Ability to install a full variety of camera types. Whether your needs requires dome, directional, or another mixture of cameras, we can help you make the proper determination.

Ready to discuss your CCTV needs with us? Reach out via email or phone today!