The holidays have come and gone, and Windows 8 has found its way into the hands of many users either from new PC purchases or upgrades. Luckily, FireLogic trainer Derrick Wlodarz has been using Windows 8 for months now and led a packed training session on the new operating system on January 26, 2013. The class was held at Niles Library to a capacity standing-room only crowd.

The topics that were covered in the two hour class session include:

  • The basics of how to get Windows 8
  • The various editions
  • The Microsoft Surface RT tablet
  • The changes Windows 8 introduced to Windows as we know it
  • How to navigate the new Modern UI interface
  • The basics around installing and using Microsoft Store apps
  • Shortcuts to get around the new interface
  • What the Charms Bar is all about
  • New changes to the traditional desktop
  • New Control Panel items that may make your life easier
  • and much more!

You can view the entire class video on our official YouTube Channel, or just watch the entire recording below:

This was the 3rd presentation of our Windows 8 for Beginners class in recent memory. Due to such high demand, we will likely be re-running this class at both Park Ridge and Niles libraries in mid to late 2013. Watch your library mailers for more information.

For those who are looking for the official Windows 8 Compatibility Center from Microsoft, please visit the official site here.

Looking for customized Windows 8 training for your personal or business needs? Let us know! We can customize a full training program specific to your requirements either via webinar or live onsite group or individual training. Reach out to us at 312-445-0702 or use our Contact page to send us a quick email.

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