$4,354: How much we’ve saved with Google Apps over 2 years

FireLogic is a mere two days away from its second birthday, and I’ve been reflecting on a lot lately. What we’ve done right, what we’ve floundered on, what we can improve on, and so forth. While we are always advocating how much small businesses can save by moving their systems to Google Apps, it’s always nice to take an introspective look at the matter to see what our own company has saved by practicing what we preach.

Back in June 2010, I blogged about why I decided to take FireLogic the Google Apps route right from the start. The numbers and methodology I used back then were a tad different from what the official Google Apps savings calculator takes into account, but the general outline is similar. I plugged in my proper values for number of workers and our hourly rate of service, and Google came up with the following comparison chart. Mind you, they are contrasting Exchange 2007 to Google Apps and not Exchange 2010. I expect the numbers to be similar for both editions of Exchange.

How did I figure that FireLogic saved $4354 exactly? Well, I had to manipulate Google’s estimates a bit. First I took their Annual Cost per employee figure for 3 years (which excluded labor – since we are an IT company after all) and divided it by 3 to get my per year cost per person. From there, I multiplied by 2 (# of years we have been in business) and then by the number of workers we have which is 7. After all the math, $4354 is the estimated savings.

Mind you, this is not a scientific study in cost savings. The above figures are based off of averages that Google has compiled based on companies that have already made the move from Exchange servers. If we truly tested this theory in a lab environment, the real findings may be higher or lower. For the sake of comparison, the Google Calculator is a good baseline for seeing where we stand and regardless of how spot-on accurate it is, $4000+ give or take a few is a lot of money any way you look at it.

Give the Gone Google calculator a try yourself and see what your company could be saving each year. The numbers may shock you. Curious about making the switch to Google Apps for Business? We’ve been helping businesses in Park Ridge and the surrounding suburbs of Chicago make the switch for a few years now. Contact us today and we can discuss your particular situation.