Who We Work With

Our Clients

At FireLogic, we're all about relationships. As providers of critical services that are the technological lifeblood of your business, we know that trust and a strong work ethic are increasingly significant. That's why we have clients across several types of industries, from legal and medical to retail or not-for-profit organizations. Whether you're a single-person accounting firm or a 100+ employee manufacturing company, we have the staff and the tools needed to take care of your IT the right way, every day.

While FireLogic's offices are located in the Chicagoland area, thanks to our modern approach to tech support, we serve clients all across the United States. With a cloud-focused infrastructure, we're the perfect partner for your company, whether you need a full-service IT firm to handle every need or you're looking for a co-managed environment to complement your in-house Information Technology department. If you're looking to take your IT to the next level, call us at (312) 445-0702 or email [email protected] to get started.