IQ Total Source

Product Sourcing Firm That Needed Emergency Google G Suite Training & Consultation

iQ Total Source had already made the internal decision to switch from a legacy POP email platform to Google’s cutting-edge G Suite. But when migration weekend approached, numerous technical and functional aspects about the launch were still uncertain, and management was almost ready to call off the move. Based on a client reference, FireLogic got the SOS call to see if we could step in and provide emergency training & consultation to address key concerns that were on the table.

After a round of initial conversations in the days leading to the planned migration date, FireLogic crafted a plan to verify all critical infrastructure and settings on the G Suite side to ensure a clean cutover, and validate that all incoming data from the legacy system would be 1:1 to what was expected. Due to extensive experience that FireLogic engineers already had working with G Suite, the cutover weekend was turned around from a teetering disaster into a comfortable transition.

With the G Suite platform stabilized, attention quickly turned towards crafting a fast-tracked ad-hoc training program that would be able to get all company staff up to speed on the changes they could expect. With management buy-in, FireLogic delivered remote training with hands-on demos and full Q&A for all staff concerns. The entire program was recorded and shared with company staff to refer back to post-launch.

At the end of the day, FireLogic stepped in to provide the quick-thinking, helping hand that iQ Total Source needed to salvage a long-awaited platform move to Google’s G Suite.

Project Goals:

iQ Total Source was heading full steam ahead with a migration to Google G Suite, but numerous last-minute technical concerns arose. They needed an IT partner that could step in to provide a fast-tracked SOS to not only solve critical configuration issues but also chart out a pre and post-launch remote training program that could be delivered to address key functional concerns from staff.


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Solutions Involved:

  • Customized Training
  • Hosted Email