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What’s in a name? When it comes to networks, it can mean everything. There are hundreds of network equipment manufacturers. As a small to medium business, it’s impossible for you to sift through the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to firewalls, switches, and access points. Let FireLogic take the reins on recommending the best of the best.

Our years in the IT support industry have resulted in partnerships with all of the top network hardware providers, such as Cisco Meraki, Ubiquiti, Netgear, and Zyxel, to name a few. These relationships allow us to provide competitive pricing, outstanding support, and customized installations to meet your company’s network needs. Reach out to Michael Schultz ([email protected]) to find out more about FireLogic can take your network to the next level.


At FireLogic, our network engineers are constantly asked how we can find the balance between fast stable internet, security, and a good price point. While we are great at coming up with cost effective solutions for your business, where we really shine is finding specialized configurations to get a safe and blazing fast network installed.

Whether it’s a office with multiple locations, a bar that has to have super strong Wi-Fi, or a retail store that has some complicated wiring needs, FireLogic has the knowledge and tools needed to install and configure your network from start to finish. Give us a call or email Michael Schultz ([email protected]) to get the ball rolling on your new network today!


When it comes to technology, being in control feels good. Businesses spend a lot of money every year to ensure that they can protect their systems, prevent unintended access to essential data, and provide a stable working environment for their employees. Unfortunately, internet outages are one of the most common uncontrollable problems a company can face.

In an effort to get back that control, FireLogic’s implements networks that are monitored and include outage reporting 24/7. These networks are set up by certified engineers with speed, security, and stability in mind. Whether it’s for 5 people in one office or 100 staff members in a hybrid environment, we’re committed to keeping your company on top of issues, so that together we can respond and adapt quickly.


When it comes to networks, a lot of companies out there would have you believe you just need their modem to have a secure, fast set-up that will take care of all of your business needs. At FireLogic, we know from years of experience that the reality is that networks are sensitive concepts that require oversight, interaction, and regular updates. A company’s network is made up of several components that, if left unattended, can negatively impact employee productivity and increase risk of costly security breaches.

FireLogic’s network engineers are trained and certified to ensure that your network equipment is updated with all firmware releases and that the latest security methodologies are being applied to your environment. We’re also focused on the performance of your network, changing configurations to implement new best practices and industry standards. Contact us today for a network audit!