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Full Circle IT Support

Behind the scenes


No business, regardless of size, likes to get surprises. From the CEO down to entry level employees, concerns around your technology should be something you can see coming and make plans on how to handle. FireLogic provides managed clients with 24/7 full service monitoring to take the guesswork out of workstation and server support.

Our monitoring platform keeps track of user assets with a detailed summary of client systems around the clock. This solution automates software and operating system patching to keep your environment secure. We also utilize this solution to standardize your user experiences and ensure that everything is configured as you like it. With FireLogic’s 24/7 monitoring, we’ll keep the surprises down and let your business run like a well-oiled machine.

Active Support

Client Portal Access

Hiring an outside IT team like FireLogic is one of the best decisions small to medium businesses can make. However, when it comes to actual support needs, communication needs to be rock solid for this to be effective. For this reason, we offer our managed clients a branded, customized Client Ticket Portal.

FireLogic’s Client Portal allows your entire staff to directly submit tickets and view the status of open requests at any time. In addition, your management team can have administrative access to view all tickets company wide and run reports as you need them. Gone are the days of IT support providers gatekeeping their records. With FireLogic, we provide full transparency so you never wonder where your money is going.

Site Visits

Outsourcing your IT support often comes with a number of questions. One of the most common we hear is “Who are the actual people helping me out with my computer?”. FireLogic’s entire staff is U.S. based, with the vast majority working out of our offices in Des Plaines and Chicago. Not only does this allow us to provide a walk-in help desk for our clients, but for those within the Chicagoland area, we do regular site visits to your office locations.

FireLogic’s team of on-site technicians take safety and professionalism to heart with every visit. We know we’re an extension of your company when we interact with your staff. We’re following all of the latest recommendations when it comes to health and safety of your staff and ours. Our support engineers will follow your company’s lead on dress code, behavior, and culture so that when we are in your space it’s like we’re a part of your business.

All the Perks

Projects Discounts

When most people think of IT services, they think of the broken computer sitting on their desk or getting locked out of their email account. Information Technology can and does mean so much more than that. FireLogic has a long history of helping businesses with large scale projects.

Are you looking to migrate your email to Microsoft 365? Do you need a new Azure server set up? Is it time to retire your old phone service and move to a modern VoIP solution? At FireLogic, we’ve got the experience needed to take your projects to the finish line. If you’re a managed client with us, you’re going to get amazing service with a healthy discount off of any project work.

Email Michael Schultz ([email protected]) today to get your project off the ground!

SLA / Priority

When you’ve got an IT emergency, there’s nothing worse than waiting hours or days to hear from your support team. FireLogic provides managed clients with fast response times so we can take your downtime to the minimum. When you call in to our U.S. based support team, you’re going to talk to a live person, who will get your ticket assigned quickly and help set the priority to match the issue.

At FireLogic, we stand by our Service Level Agreements for all contracts. Our management team tracks all SLA’s and makes sure that we meet or beat the contact deadlines we outlined in our initial discussion every time. It is our commitment to you to provide quality service in a timely fashion. Let FireLogic take the stress out of those urgent IT problems with our personalized Managed Support!