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Managed Security

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True network security is contingent on several factors, with human involvement being the weakest link in most situations. FireLogic believes in removing the possibility of human error with one of the best weapons in our arsenal: the firewall. This device, coupled with the knowledge of a trained expert, can reduce the attack surface in your network considerably. Firewalls will analyze the traffic coming in and out from your staff, prevent malware downloads, and protect your private information.

It is critical that, when selecting a firewall, a business takes three factors into account: security, performance, and management. A lot of firewalls can accomplish the goal of securing a network. Often times, this security comes at the expense of speed and users complain about poor performance. Additionally, some firewalls have management portals that are not user friendly, so changes are difficult to make. FireLogic is staffed with experts who can help you get the firewall that is the perfect fit across all of these factors. Contact us today so we can secure your network!


The world of malware is an ever-changing landscape. Hackers are evolving their viruses daily to get around the latest technologies, and it’s impossible to go a day without hearing about some kind of attack on a major corporation. What most companies don’t know is that small to medium businesses are often the targets of these attackers, as they don’t invest as heavily in protection solutions and can’t recover as quickly from ransomware attacks. This is where FireLogic comes in.

FireLogic’s security team is constantly evaluating our solutions and ensuring that the anti-malware we have in place for our managed clients are providing the best level of protection available. We know our clients want to keep themselves and their employees safe without cutting into their bottom line. For this reason, we partner with security solution providers that allow us to provide affordable solutions for protecting workstations, servers, and mobile devices. Reach out to us to find out how you can start protecting your company right away.

Email Protection

It’s common knowledge that the most frequently used form of communication in business is email. Hundreds of billions of emails are sent each day. With each one, there are risks associated. The good news is protecting your company’s email accounts is a fairly simple and cost-effective venture. FireLogic’s security experts have an arsenal full of weapons to defend your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace email accounts.

Whether it is users sending out confidential information, account breaches, phishing attacks or CEO impersonation, FireLogic has multiple services to keep your company safe. We offer personalized training for your staff to remove human error. We can prevent malicious emails from reaching your employees. We can even lock down your environment based on the content being sent out so that it never makes it to external recipients. With the ever-growing concerns around email security, now is the time to act. Contact us today!

Dark Web Monitoring

The deep recesses of the Internet are a mystery to most people. One specific concept, the Dark Web, is a term often thrown around with little explanation. The Dark Web is a section of the Internet that cannot be accessed by typical users. It is often used for criminal activity, which is why it’s so often mentioned in the news. The reason this matters to businesses is tied to one of the most common transactions that takes place on the Dark Web: the buying and selling of account credentials.

FireLogic has taken the protection of our clients’ accounts seriously since the beginning, which is why we provide all of our managed clients with Dark Web Monitoring services. This platform will scour the Dark Web using your email domain and report back automatically any usernames, passwords, or other important personal information that is found. This allows you and your staff to take action and protect yourselves from costly and damaging account breaches. To learn more about how FireLogic can help you stay safe on the Internet, contact us today.