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Managed Business Continuity

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Microsoft 365 & Google

When it comes to email and productivity solutions, Microsoft 365 and Google are often the backbone of any business. Products like Gmail, Outlook, Word, and Excel are ubiquitous and are used daily by companies around the world. At FireLogic, we have certified experts in these platforms that can help your team navigate everything from basic email accounts to making sure your system is secure from all the increasing number of threats you will encounter.

In addition, Microsoft and Google have robust systems in place to protect against issues within their own infrastructure. Unfortunately, they don’t do anything to protect customers against user error, data theft, and other account-specific problems that can cost your business thousands in lost time and data. FireLogic provides enterprise-class products to back up your entire email and productivity environment.


The modern concept of a “workstation” has changed drastically in the least 10+ years. The desktop PC is essentially a thing of the past. Most computers are mobile now, with laptops becoming smaller every year. A large percentage of today’s workforce does their business from cell phones and tablets. This gives these users a lot of flexibility, but introduces a major concern for business owners. Device theft and loss can result in significant financial loss and, depending on your industry, fines and lawsuits from exposed personal information.

FireLogic is ready to protect you from this catastrophic event with 360 degrees of protection. We can track your devices when they’re lost or stolen. We encrypt your data so thieves can’t get at your private files. We can even remotely wipe mobile devices to provide a sense of security when recovery is not an option.


It’s no secret that the world is moving away from centralized offices and traditional buildings. Remote workers are the new reality for most businesses. Whether cloud-hosted in Azure or on premises at your headquarters, servers are still a significant component of managing employee accounts and data, regardless of where the user sits.

FireLogic’s engineers are well-versed in designing server solutions that can create a secure environment for easily sharing information and protecting users with turnkey solutions. Whether you’re looking for data storage, Active Directory, Remote Desktop Solutions, or customizable Virtual Machines, we are the team to get this rolled out for you in a secure and efficient manner.


Do you have an outdated server slowly collecting dust in a closet? Are you looking to get rid of the cost of replacing expensive hardware every 5 to 7 years? Maybe you’ve just heard a lot about moving servers into the cloud and don’t know what that really means. Microsoft Azure is one of the biggest names in cloud computing these days, and FireLogic has Certified Technicians at the ready to show you just what this all means.

The complexities of the Azure environment make it a daunting task to take on by yourself. FireLogic partners with the best in the industry to simplify your usage and cut down on consumption to keep your billing and configuration light and clean. We’ll show you how we can save you money with customized Azure environments to meet your exact needs.