Oscar Marquis and Associates

Commercial Information Legal Consultant Needing Trusted Local IT Support

Law firms have very strict needs when it comes to data privacy and IT support assistance. Oscar Marquis & Associates was no different. After having previous sour experiences with other firms, a call was made to FireLogic to try and step in and clean up the nagging technical issues that were still not addressed. Some items were time sensitive and technicians had to triage priorities appropriately, with a focus on customer uptime and stability.

After some time spent on IT cleanup and auditing, the firm was finally able to enjoy a stable baseline of technology platforms necessary for daily operations. Between computer systems being repaired, to network devices being configured properly, FireLogic was finally able to get Oscar Marquis & Associates to a workable level of functionality.

Oscar Marquis and Associates can now work within the confines of a stable, functional IT stack and call upon FireLogic if any ongoing support needs arise. With a local presence to the Marquis office in Park Ridge, fast response to any emergencies is possible with a simple phone call.

Project Goals: 

Oscar Marquis & Associates was looking for a firm that was able to provide timely, localized IT support on an as-needed basis. Technical snags and privacy concerns were utmost priorities for the firm. Expertise and service delivery were critical factors that were being sought in an IT partner.


  • Legal
  • Consulting

Solutions Involved:

  • Hosted Email
  • Remote & Onsite IT Support
  • Security