Tom Dase Management

Chicago Property Management Firm Leverages Outsourced IT Support

Tom Dase Management is one of the longest served original clients FireLogic has ever had. This condo property management company is based out of Park Ridge IL. They have a strong reliance on stable computers, reliable email functionality, and little appetite for downtime.FireLogic was originally called in to help manage TDM’s IT support needs when handling it themselves internally just become too tedious and overwhelming.

Over numerous years, our company has provided much more than mere IT support for Tom and his staff. Tom Dase Management coordinated with FireLogic for a diverse set of needs such as website design, office network overhaul, cloud backup, and VPN capability that allows Tom and his staff to work securely from any location.

To bring TDM to where they are now, FireLogic technicians had to focus on two critical concepts: what are their needs and how can we bring them to life on a budget. TDM needed a network that could support not only their office, but which allowed for remote access to work computers from employees’ homes. FireLogic installed equipment that could allow for both site to site and client VPN access. A cloud backup solution was implemented to protect databases and accounting information — vital aspects of Tom’s operations.

Property management companies such as TDM know something about urgency. They get calls on a regular basis from tenants that need things fixed right away. FireLogic believes in extending that same concept to IT support and provides fast response time with efficient service to TDM and its staff. We consider all our clients’ needs as critical, because these days, time means more than money.

Project Goals:

TDM was quickly growing its reliance on an IT infrastructure that had to meet the needs of its dynamic workforce. Capabilities spanning its back office functions along with in-the-field needs were becoming increasingly more tedious with an aging IT backbone, and limited mobility. Security and Disaster Recovery were also areas that needed to be addressed in conjunction with their move into a new office space.


Property Management

Solutions Involved:

  • Hosted Email
  • Security
  • Disaster Recovery & Backup
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Remote & Onsite IT Support