Effective Air

Leading Chicagoland HVAC Firm Focused on Modernizing IT Systems

With one of the best reputations as a leading metro Chicagoland HVAC firm, Effective Air has a unique perspective on the need for IT systems that work reliably with little downtime. Between sales operations involving quoting and accounts receivable, down to technicians in the field serving customers in the dead of winter, EA management knows how tough it is when critical IT platforms are “down and out.”

FireLogic was brought in to handle most tier 2 support and consulting for Effective Air’s IT needs, offloading the workload of IT support that was until then handled exclusively by a salesperson. A strategic vision was agreed upon between EA management and FireLogic, with a staggered multiyear approach taken to implement new technologies like hosted Office 365 email, a new best of breed Dell server, as well as a security-centric network with WiFi built upon a Meraki firewall backend.

Flash to today, and the concerns from Effective Air’s past are gone. The new Dell server hosts critical data and LOB software. With the latest in enterprise network equipment, wired and WiFi network performance was increased to the level expected in a thriving business environment. The latest platform overhaul to be tackled is the demotion of a failing legacy PBX system in favor of cloud hosted VoIP by 8×8, allowing staff to be more mobile and connected to end customers than ever before.

Effective Air knows that failed furnaces and air conditioners will be a known quantity, but undependable IT systems are surely a thing of the past.

Project Goals:

Effective Air has a diverse set of technology that until recently has been entirely managed by internal staff. Modern complexities related to critical platforms like their server, computers, network, and phone system needed a new approach both in direction and ongoing support. EA was in search of a partner that could help overhaul core infrastructure and provide ongoing consultative & need-based IT support.


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Solutions Involved:

  • Hosted Email
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Server Infrastructure
  • Mobile Computing
  • Security
  • Disaster Recovery & Backup
  • Customized Training
  • Remote & Onsite IT Support