The Bovinette Agency

Illinois Health Insurance Broker Migrates to Cloud Hosted Email

As a small insurance agency, Bovinette knew that keeping a capable email system up and running was no small task. Their existing legacy POP email platform was showing its edges in numerous ways, between a lack of storage space and an inability to send secure email to end customers. Management knew it was time to make a move to something more flexible yet cost efficient.

Due to proven established expertise in cloud hosted email, Bovinette brought in FireLogic to help consult on a proper path forward and what options were available. A decision was made to make a move to Google’s G Suite. FireLogic engineers scoped a concise migration plan that would cutover email operations to Google’s web based email, calendar, and contacts ecosystem with minimal downtime for staff members.

Post launch, FireLogic stepped in to provide targeted use-case training on the platform in a remote manner with hands-on tutoring as well as interactive Q&A for questions. Instead of waiting for its legacy system to fall on its knees, Bovinette leveraged the extensive expertise of FireLogic engineers to make a smooth transition at a reasonable cost.

Project Goals:

Bovinette Agency was on the prowl for a solution that could replace a legacy, failing POP email system. With a critical reliance on email for communicating internally and with customers, downtime and nonstop issues were the breaking point to call for help. The company had no intention to stage and manage internal infrastructure but needed to keep ongoing costs to a minimum.



Solutions Involved: 

  • Customized Training
  • Hosted Email