Lagunas & Lagunas Accounting

SMB Accounting Firm With a Reliance on Uptime and Data Security

When tax season calls, the last thing that an accounting firm wants to worry about is whether systems are in prime condition or if backups are functional. Lagunas & Lagunas Accounting knew the kind of pain points they dealt with in the past. Between slow systems and an unreliable network, tending to customers became second priority to fixing off the wall IT issues.

Enough was enough, and they called in the help of FireLogic. An initial diagnosis of all critical systems was completed, a carefully crafted plan was enacted to clean up necessary gaps in the IT backbone being used. Systems were upgraded as needed and business grade network equipment was installed to stabilize and secure internet access.

Today, Lagunas & Lagunas serves close to over a hundred regular accounting clients in numerous sectors and enjoys a clean, stable IT infrastructure which it can rely upon. And when issues do come up, FireLogic plays an active IT support role in providing remote and onsite service for their Park Ridge, IL office.

Project Goals:

With a client base consisting of a diverse set of residential and SMB customers, Lagunas & Lagunas needed an IT partner that knew the intricacies of supporting an accounting firm. Uptime and security are both top-of-mind priorities due to the seasonal time-sensitive nature of work rendered, along with the sensitive data which traverses its computer systems and internal network.


Accounting Services

Solutions Involved:

  • Security
  • Disaster Recovery & Backup
  • Hosted Email
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Remote & Onsite IT Support