Andrew Collings Photography

Hosted Email Transition for Corporate Photography Specialist

Andrew Collings Photography came to FireLogic with a problem common to many growing small businesses. Their company wanted to take advantage of modern email capabilities, but were stuck on a legacy email system tied to their web hosting provider. After a full pre-sales consultation on their needs, FireLogic and Andrew Collings came to the mutual decision that Google’s G Suite was the best platform for them, and handled the subsequent migration to Google end to end.

FireLogic was able to untangle a messy web of old email data, contacts, and calendaring that was previously considered platform-locked. With a careful migration plan, all critical data was considered salvaged and moved, and Andrew Collings was able to fully exterminate the legacy email service with comfort.

In addition to migration support, FireLogic assisted with the transition by providing specialized training for the end customer’s staff which also consisted of onboarding mobile devices, and ensuring that computers were properly setup to access G Suite at company offices. Instead of having to worry about email issues, Andrew Collings and his team are now able to rely on a hosted cloud solution that meets the needs of their growing small business.

Project Goals:

Andrew Collings was digitally hamstrung by a legacy email platform tied to existing web hosting service. The firm was interested in a solution that was highly reliable, cloud-hosted, and Office 365 and Google G Suite were finalists under consideration.



Solutions Involved:

  • Hosted Email
  • Customized Training