Carpentry Services of Illinois

General Contractor With a Need for Reliable IT Support

CSI provides high end general construction and carpentry services for the greater Chicagoland area. With a need to be in the field managing construction projects, the need for reliable IT infrastructure that can be accessed on the go is a big requirement that CSI presented us with from the beginning our relationship.

CSI came to FireLogic with an SOS call for help when one of its main administrative computers were down. This happened to be the main system that hosted QuickBooks, which meant payroll couldn’t be run if this PC didn’t get repaired – and fast. We were able to diagnose the problem, get an in-warranty hard drive replacement completed, and Windows running in under two days.

As the IT support relationship with CSI has progressed, there became a need to move to a reliable, secure cloud hosted email service that didn’t tie company staff to legacy platforms. A mutual decision was made to transition to Office 365 for company email, which also provided mobile access on smartphones and tablets which was superior to prior technologies being used. Supported by day to day usage of a Microsoft Surface Pro, management has become untethered from the office and can truly work as reliably in the field as anywhere else.

FireLogic continues to provide CSI with remote and onsite IT support services along with special project consulting.

Project Details: 

CSI needed a reliable and trustworthy IT support firm that could handle its dynamic technology needs on a concise budget. When emergencies arose, there had to be one place they could call for help with computer issues, networking problems, and special project consulting & implementation.



Solutions Involved:

  • Hosted Email
  • Mobile Computing
  • Remote & Onsite IT Support