Park Ridge Presbyterian Church

Chicagoland Church Looking For Network Overhaul & Web Design

As a place of worship in the suburban Chicagoland area, Park Ridge Presbyterian Church has a mission to serve its diverse audience in many ways. From religious services to Sunday School and numerous children’s programs, the Church had a few pressing IT needs which needed a local presence with a keen eye for the realities that churches bring to the table.

The first item of business that FireLogic was chosen to help accomplish was the development of a brand-new website. Suffering from a site that had no key usability focus and a lack of outreach capabilities, FireLogic developers went to work on crafting a site outline that met all modern web standards. Attention to aspects such as attracting a younger audience with a focus on social capabilities and strong media usage were top of mind for the design team. Mobile access, something never accounted for previously, was also considered a mandatory requirement.

Upon completion of the final product, Park Ridge Presbyterian Church stakeholders approved the launch of the new website which featured new blogging abilities, expandability of site design, and a strict attention to proper SEO techniques for reaching a large audience online.

Today, the Church is continuing its IT partnership with FireLogic, leveraging our expertise for designing and planning a modernized network infrastructure capable of supporting today’s computing needs with a focus on growth for tomorrow. As the Church continues course on a campus-wide overhaul project, FireLogic will be playing a key role in ongoing IT infrastructure decision making and implementation.

Project Goals:

Park Ridge Presbyterian Church was looking for a local party that could help tackle a website overhaul along with preliminary discussions about a complete network re-design. The organization had specialized budget constraints yet wanted to ensure that any improvements recommended were future proofed and meeting all industry best practices.



Solutions Involved:

Network Infrastructure