Park Ridge Public Library

Chicago North Shore Library Serving Patrons with IT Support & Training

As a Library that serves a user base of 25,000+ cardholders, PRPL is in a unique position that needs to cater to a diverse array of individuals from across the Park Ridge IL community and surrounding suburbs. Most people think of libraries as entities stuck in the past, but PRPL has been focused on modernizing patron resources with computers, eBook rentals, and other 21st century initiatives.

When Park Ridge Public Library needed to find a local partner that could help with a new Drop In Helpdesk program hosted monthly, they turned to FireLogic for filling this expertise gap. Since 2012, FireLogic technicians have been providing volunteer-based assistance at this monthly event aimed at providing patrons with quality technical support and assistance with their various IT issues. To date, hundreds of hours of volunteering have been rendered to the community.

Further leveraging FireLogic and its unique perspective on customized training, the PRPL worked hand-in-hand to offer innovative free classes to the local community covering a variety of topics. From security to Windows to Android Tablets, FireLogic has trained hundreds of patrons that have attended our courses since 2012.

Park Ridge Public Library went so far as to name FireLogic as its 2014 Annual Volunteering Award winner due to the strong commitment to giving back to the local community that FireLogic calls home.

Project Goals:

Park Ridge Public Library, like many suburban libraries, wanted to modernize its program offering with a novel new idea: a drop-in Helpdesk where patrons could get IT help and advice for their issues. A partner was needed to provide technical staff for these drop-in dates. In addition, the Library needed a trusted training partner that could help with customized classes across a wide array of technology topics that were too advanced for in-house staff to lead.



Solutions Involved:

Customized Training