Rehabilitation Medicine Specialists

HIPAA-Compliant Physical Therapy Practice Using Mobile Fleet for Field Doctors

When FireLogic was introduced to Rehabilitation Medicine Specialists, it was clear that there were 2 urgent needs to address. The first issue was one that impacts all medical offices: how do we verify and ensure ongoing HIPAA compliance? Other burning issues involved an audit of disaster recovery plans, a network overhaul, and an urgent need to move away from a hosted Remote Desktop and email solution that was not meeting functional needs.

With a phased overhaul plan, FireLogic got right to the task of improving all critical priorities for RMS. Using extensive prior experience, our senior technicians began implementing solutions that secured the network and systems to meet and beat the strictest of HIPAA compliance regulations. At the same time, FireLogic physically moved the entire network backbone to an alternate intra-office location to both protect new infrastructure and wiring installed, and help prolong the life of existing firewall and server equipment.

Fast forward to today, and RMS has a stable network with a cutting-edge enterprise-grade Meraki firewall along with a brand-new server to host all secure company data. FireLogic was also able to provide support for the dozens of doctors RMS has staged at various hospitals and remote sites with an overhauled fleet of laptops. These doctors can now rely on their devices on the go and easily communicate with the home office with HIPAA compliant email capability. With so many employees working from outside of the office on a regular basis, our technicians had to ensure that the equipment they use works reliably and that all data being transferred and stored is done in accordance with strict HIPAA laws.

Post-cleanup, RMS engaged FireLogic with a fully Managed IT Support agreement that covers all back-office staff and critical infrastructure. Their company needs to be able to maximize efficiency and quickly provide information to doctors in the field, so downtime is just not an option. FireLogic has a full Helpdesk at the ready for RMS staff to fix IT problems so they can get back to bringing physical therapy relief to their reliant Chicagoland area patients.

Project Goals:

As a practice that was increasingly reliant on technology for its daily operations, RMS was eager to find an IT partner that could help it achieve its vision of technical nirvana. Staff was split into back-office personnel based at their Elgin HQ, with a fully mobile team of medical professionals visiting patients out at hospital and therapy centers around the Chicagoland area. A strong focus on security, business continuity, and Managed IT Support for its entire team were all top of mind priorities in its hunt for a new strategic IT firm.



Solutions Involved:

  • Hosted Email
  • Server Infrastructure
  • Managed IT Support
  • Security
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Mobile Computing
  • Customized Training
  • Disaster Recovery & Backup
  • Remote & Onsite IT Support