Report: iPhone 5S Pre-Orders to Begin This June

The iPhone 5S hype is starting to boost, with rumors of a new iPhone and possibly new iOS due this summer. At least that’s what USA Today is reporting.

And the iPhone has had a good start to the new year, as well. According to a comScore report on smartphone market share showed the iPhone leading the competition and increasing from 35 percent in November of last year to 38.9 percent in February 2013. That is tons of growth compared to competitors. However,Samsung is just behind Apple with a slight uptick in sales, from 20.3 percent to 21.3 percent because of the Galaxy S4 release. Here is some more information:

The Specs

The iPhone 5S will feature many of the functionality improvements of the iPhone 5, but with some exciting new changes, at least that’s what, which has a strong reputation for getting the real skinny, is reporting.

Galati, Romania- September 12, 2012: New Apple iPhone 5 was released for sale by Apple Inc on September 12, 2012.

The new phone is purported to have the newest software release, iOS7 and the latest processor, an A7. Some reports suggest the iPhone 5S will be available in a 128-GB version. More rumors are circulating on the size of the screen, with some suggesting that there will be a standard and mini iPhone model and the screen will remain identical to the iPhone 5. Additional features setting the Internet abuzz include the possibility of wireless charging, which would be amazing for smartphone users.

Some Visual Perspective has unearthed some interesting rumors regarding the visual appearance and makeup of the new iPhone. Might it be that Cupertino finally yields to the whims of Apple fanboys and releases colored iPhones? found reports of green, blue and red colored iPhones, in addition to the customary models.

The new iPhone should be cheaper than the iPhone 5, perhaps compensating for the iPhone 5’s lackluster sales. The iPhone 5S may feature plastic instead of glass and metal, which would certainly cut costs. Apple might also combine plastic and metal in the phone body, with the metal being visible through some sort of special design, per 9to5Mac.

For performance, expect improvements to the device camera. 9to5Mac is reporting a 12-megapixel camera and an improved night shooting mode. No doubt these improvements would make Apple fans quite happy and may even convince iPhone 4 or 4S holdouts to upgrade to the 5S. It would make sense for the phone to feature camera upgrades since so-called “S” models of the iPhone (like the 4S) generally do.

Apple’s New Fingerprint-Scanning Feature

The iPhone 5S is also purported to have a new fingerprint-scanning feature to replace the passcode-based unlocking system on previous models. Consumers could use this to customize security settings at a more granular level than in the settings menu as they presently do. However, it’s still early, and reports may change.

Typically, Apple releases a new iPhone product in September. However, many rumors are pointing to an earlier-than-usual launch for the new iPhone, with June specifically coming up as a possible launch date. A June release, with new iPhones available for pre-order, would really be a major game changer for Apple. Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, WWDC, happens June 10-14 so that could be a potential date either for a press release or news conference on the new iPhone.

As always, look to Cupertino for news of the next Apple event for the press, which may be to discuss the next-generation iPhone. While it’s interesting to pay attention to the iPhone gossip and at times the rumor mill does get things right, remember that these are just rumors. The newest phone may still be in the final stages of development, and its design could change between now and June, or Apple could be gearing up to announce something else in June.