What Windows 8 means for the average consumer

A lot of customers have been hearing the buzz about Windows 8 and are asking us “what does this means for me?” It’s a tough question to answer with excellent accuracy since 1) Windows 8 is not yet released 2) Windows 8 is not in finished form yet and 3) Windows 8 may change greatly before it hits store shelves.

However, there are some things that we can say in general about the launch of this new operating system no matter what nitty-gritty details end up inside the box.

  • If you have a computer already loaded with Windows Vista or Windows XP, planning on upgrading to Windows 7 is not ideal or practical. This sort of PC is already likely 3+ years old and utilizes antiquated hardware and software. Stick out the life of the PC and wait until your next machine which will come with Windows 8 out of the box.
  • If you have a Windows 7 PC purchased in the last year or so, you may be an ideal candidate for a clean Windows 8 upgrade. Microsoft has publicly said that any PC running Windows 7 today is ready for Windows 8 tomorrow. While this is probably true in most senses, there may be some customers which moved PCs that were not quite ideal for Windows 7 over to the software upgrade, and may believe that Windows 8 is their next step. Outside of these scenarios, Windows 8 should be fully capable for the majority of OEM computers on store shelves.
  • Windows 8 is going to radically change the way we interface with our computers. If you are not prepared for this, don’t worry, as the “classic” Windows look will be available for business and other users accustomed to the traditional look. But Microsoft is pushing the new Metro interface heavily to bring Windows on par with their mobile phone look and feel. While this may be a natural change seeing how Apple is pushing this common interface, many Windows users may not be ready for this radical new layout. We will be keeping watch to see the progression on this.
  • Like Windows 7, Windows 8 will be even easier to use. Windows 7 really opened the door to Apple-ease in terms of how we work with our machines. The next iteration of Microsoft’s operating system will do similar, taking many new ideas to the next level for 8. Expect to see easier system recovery for corrupted installations, better file management, and other things directly related to the user experience.
  • Security, as usual, will be of utmost priority. It has already been stated that Windows 7 is more secure than MAC OS X. But Microsoft will not be sitting on its heels for Windows 8. A rumored new file system will likely be present in the new upgrade, as well as other enhancements for the key areas of Windows that see the mot virus and spyware penetration in recent years.
  • There is no solid release date, but the latest rumors are calling for a Fall 2012 launch. Tech news website The Verge just recently stated that Microsoft continues to hint at an Oct 2012 release. Only time will tell, however.

If you are someone interested in keeping up with the latest Windows 8 news, Microsoft has already devoted a website to the latest Windows 8 news from the company. FireLogic will be continuously watching the progression of Windows 8 and will be advising customers appropriately on the new OS.